Since 2016, we’ve been offering live graphics solutions to sporting organisations and the production companies that serve them. We’ve helped these companies dramatically improve the quality of their live streams and monetise through powerful in-stream advertising. For one live game or thousands. Simultaneously and across entire seasons. Accessible to broadcasts and live streams of all budgets.

"We have tracked LIGR from its early days and have been extremely impressed by the progress made in developing technologies to help lower-tier sports federations add high-quality data-rich graphics and advertising to their live content. We at AE feel we are the ideal investor..."
Nick Baily
CEO, AE.Live
"Since implementing the broadcast technology we have significantly increased our viewership and attracted new partners...."
Brian Meinrath
Head of Commercial, Football NSW
“The AFL have now proven there is a great appetite and interest for the U18 nationally and are now able to provide professional and engaging live broadcasts that would have been extremely difficult and cost prohibitive with traditional solutions.”
Spencer Wilson
Technical Services Manager - Australian Football League

Some of our Clients

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