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Case study

Producing high quality and automated graphics for Cricket Australia with Gravity Media Australia




Input Media

Rights Holder

Cricket Australia


Cricket Network and Youtube

Graphics Workflow

LIGR into Cloudmix Off-Site

Streaming Encoder

LiveU 500


To produce professional and data integrated graphics with Input Media Australia Australias cricket network live streams for over 120 live games across the 2018-19 seasons for Cricket Australia.


To ingest Opta data in real time while connecting brands to specific triggered events in-game. To be able to run graphics in a combination of AUTO and MANUAL mode with graphics to be overlaid off-site in a cloud based Master Control Room (MCR) and directed by an on-site producer to the off-site graphics operator.  


LIGR delivered the exact requirement to the Input Media production team with designs approved by Cricket Australia and implemented with branding across the 120 games including JLT Cup, the Women's Big Bash League and international non-televised live streams. This workflow was unique in that it combined traditional workflows with automated and remote workflows in a first for Input Media and Cricket Australia.

Rick Lyon
Supervising Producer, Gravity Media

“It's all well and good having great cameras and great production know-how, but you still have to have the things that accompany it. And graphics being the main thing. Because it's a graphic driven sport really when you think about it. You want to know what score the batsmen is on and who's bowling well”

Rick Lyon
Supervising Producer, Gravity Media

“I think the big thing is the introduction of sponsorship through graphics. Cricket Australia is pretty forward thinking in that. They've started to add ‘brought to you by Commonwealth Bank’ and all this sort of stuff. And I mean.. you can't ignore that stuff. That's the way of the future. There's going to be more of it so these streams can be paid for by commercial sponsors.”


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