How LIGR and Interact Sport teamed up to provide TV quality production to grassroots cricket games all across Australia


Interact Sport Cricket Live Score App


The cricket clubs were responsible themselves

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Queensland Cricket

Output and Youtube

Graphics Workflow

LIGR into Cloudmix (Cloud Vision Mixer) Off-Site

Streaming Encoder

LiveU Solo


To allow amateur cricket cricket clubs to produce highly professional live streams, on a limited budget, with basically no understanding or prior knowledge of live streaming or broadcasting.


Each club was required to produce a clean live encoded video feed of the game. They were also required to score the game using the Interact Sport Cricket LiveScore application. It was also required that each team could input their own sponsors, and do all of this with minimal human resources to deploy.


By connecting to the Interact Sport LiveScore API, LIGR could allow clubs to choose a design and animation template for cricket, upload their sponsors and team assets with all match information pulled from the Interact API. We could then automatically overlay the entire graphics template across an entire game onto the video, with almost no human involvement, producing a professional, automatic live stream workflow for any cricket team that signed up to the solution.

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