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Partner Program

LIGR partners can earn up to 20% recurring commission on their successful referrals.

Why partner with LIGR?

High earning potential: Get up to 20% recurring commission on every purchase made by your successful referrals.
Change the world of live sports streaming by removing the complexity and cost associated with achieving TV-quality live sports broadcasts.
Help the next generation of live sports streamers access the tools needed to monetize their streams with LIGR’s in-stream advertising and reporting.
LIGR.Live makes Professional-level live sports possible for all levels of sport from grassroots to elite. You can be a part of the effort to make this a reality.
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Why LIGR is worth sharing?

Effortless, high-quality livestreams in minutes. Literally.
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Automated live sports graphics. Simply score the game, and the graphics will automatically display.
Seamless in-stream advertising and reporting – giving live sports streamers the tools to earn revenue from their live streaming.
Affordable pricing, helping all sports organizations take their livestreams to the next level.

"We have tracked LIGR from its early days and have been extremely impressed by the progress made in developing technologies to help lower tier sports federations add high quality graphics to their live streams"

Nick Baily
CEO, AE.Live

"Since implementing the broadcast technology we have significantly increased our viewership and attracted new partners, that we seamlessly manage and display automatically in our broadcasts..."

Brian Meinrath
Head of Commercial, Football NSW

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