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LIGR Concierge

The LIGR Concierge service is a digital assistant that provides personalized assistance to users of the LIGR.Live platform, designed to help users make the most of the platform.


Digital personalized assistance to make the most of LIGR.Live.


 / month

+$2,000 immersion workshop

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LIGR immersion workshop



5 hours

Monthly support and monitoring

Concierge Plus

Optimize LIGR tech, supporting live streaming and content with strategy and reporting.


 / month

+$2,000 immersion workshop

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Everything from Concierge plan

20 hours

Optimise social media channels

Content deployment

Weekend clipping

Top-line reporting

Media strategy and support

Website audit

Website integration

Brand and collateral

Concierge Premium

Turbo charge your marketing functionality and transform content into opportunities.


 / month

+$2,000 immersion workshop

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Everything from Concierge Plus

40 hours

Data analysis and reporting


Commercialisation reporting

Concierge Bespoke

Bespoke LIGR optimization for skill, support, expertise, and sport-specific marketing.

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+$2,000 immersion workshop

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