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Create Stunning Live Baseball Broadcasts

Like having a livestreaming platform built for Baseball

Each team sport has its own set of rules and broadcasting conventions. With LIGR Live, just select Baseball as your sport and everything falls into place. All you have to do is configure your teams and you're ready to livestream to the world.

Graphic themes

A stunning selection of ready-to-go graphics themes designed for baseball broadcasts

Your rules

Tweak the settings for baseball to match local competition rules, such as extra time, period length and half-time duration

Teams and competitions

Manage your different teams and squads lists, fixtures and configure each competition your teams play in

Live scoring

Score your games with our LiveScore app, preconfigured and sequenced for baseball matches

Match data

Or use a live match data provider – choose from our existing integrations or your preferred supplier

The power of automation

In-game graphics

Automatically trigger in-game graphics and stats such as runs, strikes, balls and all types of outs


Configure sponsors’ ads to show at the end of innings or when events such as home runs and outs happen


Fully automate or use our editing tools to create sponsored highlights reels or mini-games with hits, runs, outs and home runs

Social posts

Instantly auto-post highlights to socials and include the score, run scorer name, and other information in the post


Automate distribution by setting a time and multiple destinations such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – or your website or app

Manage user and club access

A mockup of user permission in LIGR

User permission

Instantly auto-post highlights to socials and include the score, goalscorer name, and time of the goal in the post

The LIGR club portal

If you run a competition, give each baseball club access to a dedicated portal where they can manage their own assets such as logos and squads, upload sponsors’ ads, and access match highlights

A logo and color swatches


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