Utilising LIGR’s platform to produce automated graphics and run brand campaigns with Football NSW


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To produce graphics and branding campaigns for over 450 games per year across Football NSW's National Premier League Mens and Women's Competitions, while integrating real-time Perform Group match data and statistics. This was an increase in games of over 10x from the previous season.


Look extremely professional and design graphics based on Football Federation Australia's brand guideline. Have the capability to run multiple branding campaigns through LIGR’s “Smart Campaign” platform. Ingest team data from Perform Group's API. Provide a consistent, professional and standardised look and feel across the entire 450 games. Be cost efficient to scale across a very large number of games.


Providing LIGR's platform to Football NSW to upload and manage their own assets and branding campaigns, while providing access to their on-site production team and virtual monitoring team to overlay LIGR's graphics on AUTO mode to remove the need for a graphics operator, all done in a cloud and virtual environment. Brand campaigns are run automatically, linked to each particular competition and the home and away teams in each particular game.

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