LIGR partners up with four Football Federation Australia member federations on long term landmark deals

LIGR signs up with four member federations of Football Federation Australia on long term landmark deals to boost live streaming capacity across the nation.

Live Graphic Systems (LIGR) adds Football NSW, Football Victoria, Football West and Football Federation South Australia to its growing high profile client list on long term deals to provide graphics and branding for the Mens and Womens National Premier League competitions across the nation.

LIGR has proven its automatic graphics solution across the sport of Football, providing graphics for the Football NSW NPL1 Mens competition for the last two seasons, and caught the eye of the surrounding member federations in the lead up to the NPL 2019 seasons.

Brian Meinrath, Football NSW's Head of Commercial, praised LIGR's commitment to producing professional, automated and branded graphics and animations that match the member federation’s brand guidelines, within their cost efficient broadcast platform.

“By teaming up with LIGR, not only can we ensure our fans get to experience a professional and highly engaging broadcast of our NPL competitions, with match statistic integration and TV quality graphics, it allows us to produce more content at a higher quality that was simply not possible with traditional solutions. 

Since implementing the broadcast technology we have significantly increased our viewership and attracted new partners, that we seamlessly manage and display automatically in our broadcasts due to LIGR's smart campaign manager. We look forward to continuing to innovate together as we push football in New South Wales towards the forefront of live streaming capability and delivery”,

Brian Meinrath, Head of Commercial, Football NSW.

Since going live for the start of the NPL's 2019 season, Football Victoria and Football NSW have seen a linear rise in viewing audience 20x from the 2018 season as a result of the increased live and highlighted content. The 2019 season sees over 18 games a week streamed in both NSW and Victoria, with Football West starting with two games per week, moving to all games live in the NPL and U20’s from June 11, with FFSA working with LIGR to introduce the technology for the season 2020 and beyond.

“What we have achieved here is unprecedented for football in this country, with over 570 matches, for our Mens and Womens National Premier League competitions, available live stream and on demand on Facebook and YouTube.

Week in, week out, LIGR has provided us with a terrific platform that NPL fans can be proud of and clubs themselves can benefit from, having their club brands in the spotlight and also the opportunities for club sponsor advertising throughout each home match. Football Victoria is also able to commercialise this platform and generate advertising revenue that ultimately gets reinvested back into football. It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN solution and we are excited about what’s to come in the future.

We look forward to further collaboration with LIGR and other member federations to further enhance the coverage and the commercial opportunities for the benefit of everyone that’s involved in the world game”,

Anthony Grima, Executive Manager, Commercial, Marketing and External Affairs, Football Victoria

Trent Barron, League Manager, Football West is excited by the partnership.

“We are looking forward to building a strong relationship over the next few years with Luke and the team at LIGR. We will utilise their expertise in delivering professional content and bring this to football fans around the country”,

Trent Barron, League Manager, Football West.

Rapidly moving across member federations and forming long lasting partnerships with Australia's grassroots football and second tier competitions has been a tremendous accomplishment for LIGR's growing team, with Luke McCoy, CEO of LIGR, extremely pleased to have the opportunity to make a real impact on Football from coast to coast in Australia.

“Being able to help Football NSW, Football Victoria, Football South Australia and Football West to bring the sport of football to life through professional live content is a dream come true for LIGR, and for me personally. I played in the ranks of the NSW Premier League 14 years ago, and have a deep passion for community football and exposing the talent that sits in the grassroots”,

Luke McCoy, CEO, LIGR.

LIGR's platform is now deployed across 4 major sports in Australia, helping national and state sporting organisations to professionalize and expand live content to their fans.

If you are interested in learning how to live stream football games and use the LIGR platform, fill out the contact form to get started.

About Live Graphic Systems

LIGR is the easiest way to add professional graphics to your live sports streams. If you run a sports league or you broadcast sport, LIGR helps you build your brand, manage your advertising, and grow your audience

LIGR is an alumnus of Australia’s leading tech accelerator, Startmate, graduating from the cohort of 2019, Sydney.

Over the past year, in addition to signing four football member federations to landmark deals, LIGR counts some of the world's leading broadcast and technology companies as clients and partners, including Input Media and the automated camera technology, Playsight. LIGR continues to expand domestically and globally with clients ranging from the AFL to the European Cricket League.