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LIGR Joins SVG Europe as a Bronze Sponsor

At LIGR, we are thrilled to announce our new role as a Bronze sponsor for SVG Europe. As pioneers in cloud-based broadcast tools, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way sports events, live streams, and media broadcasts are experienced globally.

Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology are designed to elevate the visual storytelling of sports organizations and rights holders, enhancing the viewer experience and providing new opportunities for engagement and monetization.

Reflecting on this exciting milestone, LIGR CEO, Luke McCoy, shared, “We are thrilled to join the SVG family as a Bronze sponsor. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision to drive innovation in sports broadcasting. We look forward to attending future events and collaborating with industry leaders to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

At LIGR, we remain committed to leveraging technology to meet the evolving demands of sports broadcasts. Our goal is to continuously enhance fan engagement and support organizations in delivering top-notch viewing experiences. This sponsorship with SVG Europe marks a significant step in our journey to redefine sports broadcasting, benefiting viewers and organizations alike.


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