Live Graphic Systems Co-Founder, Luke McCoy, guests on Sean Callanan's SportsGeek podcast

Sean Callanan chats with Live Graphic Systems founder Luke McCoy about his startup and how it is opening up broadcast and commercialisation options for sports at all levels.

"Gone are the days of putting four logos and watermarks up on in each corner of a livestream and in a static bug and no halftime stat. People have an expectation and a brand has an expectation. So that's where we come in and then we automate that entire process"

Luke McCoy, Live Graphic Systems

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Luke McCoy on building a startup
  • How Live Graphic Systems started
  • The opportunities in the live streaming landscape
  • The key partnerships Live Graphic Systems built in the past months
  • How they are helping their clients monetise from digital through their platform
  • The potential of getting Live Graphic Systems into the esports space