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Queensland Rugby League Appoints LIGR Live as official live stream graphics provider for all QRL Rugby League Broadcasts

Queensland Rugby League (QRL), the state governing body for rugby league in Queensland, Australia, is now using the LIGR platform to display graphics and advertising across all its live rugby league matches.

SYDNEY June 30, 2021 – Queensland Rugby League (QRL), the state governing body for rugby league in Queensland, Australia, is now using the LIGR platform to display graphics and advertising across all its live rugby league matches. As part of this arrangement, LIGR worked with QRL to create a custom graphics theme for QRL’s exclusive use, from community rugby league to the Intrust Super Cup and BHP Premiership.

“It’s great to see a state-level organization like QRL using the LIGR platform as a centralized hub to regain control of their livestreams,” said LIGR CEO Luke McCoy. “Their graphics now look fantastic across all their games, but from a business point of view they can now deliver more sophisticated sponsorship deals and provide detailed reporting.”

Following a rebrand in late 2020, including a new logo, QRL wanted to standardize branding and graphics for all its live broadcasts and better control commercialization. Previously, there were many inconsistencies as individual clubs or competitions were using different streaming setups and production companies. This also meant that it was difficult for QRL to monitor and control sponsorships and advertising.

Now, all games under QRL’s control feature consistent TV-quality graphics, animations, and in-game advertising. The flexibility of the LIGR platform means that the on-screen graphics are identical no matter what the level of game – whether it’s an amateur production team using the LIGR LiveScore app to automate graphics for a junior game or a professional production company using LIGR in manual mode with a multi-camera outside broadcast setup for the Intrust Super Cup. As LIGR.Live is a centralized cloud-based platform, QRL can now provide each club and production team with permissions-restricted access to QRL’s LIGR account. QRL can also use LIGR’s sponsorship features to control and monitor advertising across all its games. The governing body can now ringfence advertising space to state-level sponsors and allocate the remaining space to clubs and their sponsors.

Mitch Wilson, Senior Digital Manager of the QRL “LIGR has been a constant across our streaming and production efforts at the QRL. It was important to find technology that could grow with us and ensure we continue producing high quality content for fans. LIGR is the perfect fit to complement our content, not only with a great look through our exclusive theme but driving efficiencies through integrations with competition data providers”.

To create the custom theme, the LIGR design team worked closely with QRL media services executive Emma Cunnington and in-house creative & lead Callan Jones. First, QRL produced mockups showing how they wanted to integrate their branding into the graphics theme, then LIGR worked those ideas into the final theme with transitions and animations.

LIGR’s custom themes aren’t reserved for large organizations. Whether it’s reskinning an existing theme with brand colors or designing a unique theme from the ground up, LIGR has a dedicated inquiry form on its website where organizations can submit their requirements.

About LIGR

LIGR is a new generation of live graphics and broadcast management software that offers TV-quality sports graphics without the need for hardware, designers, skilled graphics operators, or developers. Since 2016, we’ve been providing live graphics solutions to sporting organizations and their production companies. We have dramatically improved the quality of their live streams and helped them to monetize through powerful in-stream advertising. LIGR is built for broadcasts and live streams of all budgets, from one-off live games to simultaneous broadcasts and thousands of matches across an entire season.

About QRL

The Queensland Rugby League is the governing body for the game of rugby league in Queensland.

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