CEO, Co-Founder - Luke McCoy talks the future of FFA streaming with SBS World Game

"The days of massive sports rights deals are over and the future is Australian football controlling its own broadcasting destiny, according to sports technology expert Luke McCoy."

Our CEO and Co-Founder has given insight into the future of FFA streaming for an article published by SBS The World Game.

Netflix-style 'FFA TV' streaming platform is the future, says sports technology expert

McCoy is the CEO and co-founder of live sports graphics company LIGR, and the founder of sports video firm VPA Technologies.

He believes the FFA becoming a broadcaster with its own over-the-top media service (OTT) offered directly to football fans, in a Netflix-style platform, makes perfect sense and could work well.

McCoy feels this would result in money saved on production costs and could even see FFA on-selling the rights to one or two A-League games a week to a broadcaster, possibly even back to Fox Sports.

“If you look at the dynamics of what an OTT platform gives you, it gives you that direct to consumer relationship – you own the content,” McCoy told The World Game.