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PlaySight and LIGR announce partnership, creating all-in-one and automated professional sports broadcasting platform

LIGR is creating a white label graphics solution for PlaySight’s customers across the sports world, enabling them to build their brands, fanbases and better monetize video content through interactive and customizable graphics packages.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (June 24th, 2021)PlaySight Interactive, a leading global sports video technology platform, is pleased today to announce a new partnership with LIGR, a leader in cloud broadcast graphics for sports leagues and broadcasters of all levels. With this new partnership, PlaySight’s live & on demand automated sports OTT platform will automatically integrate with LIGR’s best in-class live graphics software, enabling sports leagues, teams and organizations to create a pro-level viewing experience for their fans. LIGR’s technology streamlines in-game production costs and enables teams to integrate sponsors, generate reports, and build their brand through the enhancement of their live and on demand video.

With this new partnership, LIGR is building a white label and customized solution for PlaySight and the thousands of sports courts, fields, rinks and facilities that its technology connects all across the sports world.

The two companies first partnered up back in 2019 in Belgium with the EuroMillions Basketball League, and have been working together across the sporting world ever since. Today’s announcement is the culmination of years of work behind the scenes and will result in an easy-to-use interface for clients of both companies to have a one-stop shop for live streaming and OTT video with easy-to-use and customizable graphics.

“We are thrilled today to officially announce our partnership and technology integration with PlaySight,” said Luke McCoy, LIGR’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Their live streaming and video platform is among the best in sports, and from listening to clients we know that there is a real need for the combined offering that we will be putting together with them. PlaySight’s platform has been proven out across the top sports all over the world, and we look forward to taking their video to the next level with our live sports broadcast graphics platform, and specifically a white label solution to create a one-stop shop for their clients across the sporting world.”

The integration will give clients of PlaySight a single workflow for all of their live broadcast needs, with specific graphics for each sport, and customization options for brand enhancement, sponsor integration, new monetization opportunities and much more.

“Luke and the team at LIGR are the leaders in the automated live sports graphics market, and we cannot wait to bring this new technology platform to our customers,” said Chen Shachar, PlaySight’s Co-Founder and CEO. “While the core technologies may differ, we share a vision with the team at LIGR – to bring pro-level and sophisticated technology to all levels of sports, all over the world. The need from our customers, whether it is a league, college athletic department, high school team or high-performance academy is all the same: to find new, creative and exciting ways to engage with their communities and fans through live and on demand video content.”

About PlaySight Interactive:

Selected twice by Fast Company as one of the top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sport, PlaySight is connecting sports all over the world. Its Smart sports AI video platform delivers a cutting-edge video experience across all levels of sport. Hundreds of thousands of athletes, coaches, colleges, teams and sports facilities utilize PlaySight each and every day for automated production live stream broadcasts, multi-angle video recording, performance analysis, content monetization and much more.

PlaySight technology powers entire leagues, is connected in over half of the NBA, and is used across the MLB, NHL, in over 100 NCAA athletic departments, and at leading sports organizations and facilities such as LakePoint Sports, IMG Academy, Ripken Baseball and the United States Tennis Association’s National Campus.

About LIGR:

LIGR is a new generation of live graphics and broadcast platform that offers TV-quality sports graphics with no need for hardware, designers, skilled graphics operators, or developers. And because our solution is out-of-thebox, we get you up and running in minutes.

Since 2016, we’ve been offering live graphics solutions to sporting organisations and the production companies that serve them. We’ve helped these companies dramatically improve the quality of their live streams and monetise through powerful in-stream advertising. For one live game or thousands. Simultaneously and across entire seasons. Accessible to broadcasts and live streams of all budgets.

Since inception, we’ve produced graphics for over 10,000 sports games—automatically—across the globe with over 1,000 sponsor ad sets uploaded into our platform. We’ve saved over 100,000 hours of graphics operation, design and development. That’s the equivalent of more than $20 million saved and over $1 million in sponsorship money activated.

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