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LIGR Revolutionizes Horizon League Live Streaming with Data-Powered Highlights

LIGR Live and the Horizon League introduce data-powered live streaming highlights to enhance fan engagement.

Sydney, Australia & Indianapolis, US - March 18, 2024 - LIGR Live is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking partnership with the Horizon League. The partnership will usher in a new era of dynamic, data-powered live-streaming highlights for the Men’s and Women’s Basketball games and League Champion events throughout the 23-24 season.

In collaboration with Genius Sports, LIGR will harness the pinnacle of official NCAA data, delivering real-time, automated highlights to the league office and its members. The Horizon League has taken a giant leap forward in enriching the live-streaming experience, ensuring unparalleled coverage and engagement for fans.

Highlighting Athletic Achievements

The inaugural rollout commenced with the Women’s Soccer League Championship, covering the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final, culminating in the University of Milwaukee clinching the league championship. This collaborative effort empowered the Horizon League to select events for automated highlights, while offering the flexibility to clip any non-statistically captured moment during the games manually.

Rachel White, Director of Communications at the Horizon League, expresses the impact of the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with LIGR has helped the League and our member institutions spotlight our incredible student-athletes with additional highlights on our social media platforms. LIGR’s automated clipping makes finding the best plays and creating highlight packages quick and easy for our busy communication staffs, and builds on the major experiences our student-athletes are having across our league.”

Enhancing Engagement and Exposure

In the recently concluded basketball season, LIGR seamlessly ingested all Horizon League basketball games, providing live clips for the league office and individual schools. Member universities now have instant access to game highlights, enabling them to swiftly curate short-form post-game content and distribute it within minutes of a game's conclusion.

Tim Claus, Director of Sales, NA, emphasized the transformative impact of this partnership, stating, “This collaboration will significantly elevate the exposure of the Horizon League and its athletes. The ability to curate a library of clipped content for sharing across all social channels will undoubtedly attract a broader audience.”

The Horizon League's adoption of advanced filtering and clip combination features empowers universities to swiftly craft compelling short-form video content. Leveraging the NCAA LiveStats feed each school is already curating, this partnership will pave the way for an abundance of in-game and post-game video content across all Horizon League social channels this year.

Witness the future of live-streaming highlights as LIGR Live and the Horizon League redefine the standard for engaging sports content.

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About LIGR Live: LIGR Live is a global leader in automated sports graphics technology, providing innovative solutions to enhance the live-streaming experience. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge products, LIGR Live transforms sports broadcasting through dynamic graphics, data-driven insights, and automated highlights. For more information, visit

About Horizon League: The Horizon League is an NCAA Division I athletic league fostering excellence in collegiate sports while providing student-athletes unparalleled growth and success opportunities. With a commitment to integrity, sportsmanship, and competitive excellence, the Horizon League stands as a beacon for collegiate athletics.


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