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LIGR Launches Next-Gen Graphics Platform

On May 11th, we finally announced the launch of LIGR.Live - Our next-generation live graphics platform for a new era of sports broadcast.

On May 11th, we finally announced the launch of LIGR.Live - Our next generation live graphics platform for a new era of sports broadcast.

It was a massive moment for our team, with years of customer and industry insights built into a platform that we are truly proud of, and are confident will make a lasting impact on the sports broadcast industry globally.

Sports organisations and broadcasters looking to produce professional and sponsor infused live sports content, across all levels, are in for a treat!

Our Launch Includes:


LIGR Announces Investment Round Led By Alston Elliot Graphics

We announced that we have closed a $1m seed investment round, led by the leading global supplier of broadcast graphics and data services, Alston Elliot Graphics.

Included in the round was early stage investment firm, Investible out of Sydney, Australia, as well as follow ons from current LIGR shareholders and prominent Australian businessmen and investors, Danny  Bhandari and Kinsey Cotton.

About AEG

Alston Elliot (AE) is globally recognised as one of the leading providers of television sports graphics and data solutions to broadcasters and governing bodies. Head office is located in the UK with thriving subsidiary companies in South Africa, India and Australia.

Official graphics suppliers for BBC Sport's 2018 FIFA World Cup studio, 2015 Rugby World Cup, all ICC events, IPL and 6 Nations. AE delivers services for a huge variety of sports including football, rugby, cricket, tennis, snooker, darts, hockey, kabaddi and even fishing!

About Investible

Investible’s mission is to de-risk angel investment on a global scale. Investible has developed a comprehensive methodology to source, screen, secure and support the best early stage tech companies.


100% Cloud-Based

A 100% cloud-based, scalable live-graphics solution. No hardware renderers or controllers.

Remote Production Capability

Our live-graphics solution is completely optimised to work with all remote production workflows

Automated Graphic Workflows

Automate your live-graphics workflow. Turn on 'auto-mode' to completely automate your live graphics.

Templated Graphic Themes

TV-quality live-graphics themes ready to go with integrated live score apps for easy match statistic integration!

Hardware-Free Graphics Rendering

Our hardware-free, live-graphics rendering happens in the cloud using modern front-end web technology.

TV-Quality Live Graphics

Our live-graphics solution does not sacrifice on quality. We build our themes to meet TV-quality standards.

In-Stream Advertising & Reporting

Seamless sponsor integration, live in-stream display of advertising, and in-depth reporting.

Next-Gen User Experience

LIGR's modern, fail-proof UI allows fast, unskilled use that gets you up and running in minutes.

r2 (1)

Reshaping sports production for the modern era of OTT

For sports broadcasts considering a more sustainable business model in a post-COVID-19 world, they’d be wise to explore a few new ideas, starting with remote and cloud.


How do you build a live stream brand and own your look and feel?

If you neglect branding you risk being anonymous, making it even harder to retain viewers and secure sponsors. Investing in your brand can elevate your content above your competitors.


The evolution of live graphics tech

The evolution of live graphic technologies and how future technologies are reshaping the way we think about producing graphics for live broadcasting.


The future of live sports graphics

Since the strike of COVID-19, traditional sports broadcasters have adopted cloud-based workflows at a very high pace as compared to the situation before.


The return of remote broadcasting

Games may come back, but the announcers won’t necessarily return with them. After NASCAR restarts with a remote booth, could more leagues adopt the same approach?


LIGR - Values, Voice and Promises

We have spent the last 3 years listening and learning from our customers, putting together what we truly believe will create a business with culture and values we are proud of.


Can 'remote production' help sports events stay alive?

'Remote production' offers hope to take sports broadcasting forward through today’s troubling times.


Live sports'​ new global voices in remote commentary boxes

The distributed production space is proving its value as sports broadcasting refocuses now and into the future.



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