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LIGR announces early access beginning in July

After over a year of development, we are finally launching early access to our Next-Gen Live Graphics platform - LIGR.Live.

On May 11th, we finally announced the launch of LIGR.Live - Our next generation live graphics platform for a new era of sports broadcast.

It was a massive moment for our team, with years of customer and industry insights built into a platform that we are truly proud of, and are confident will make a lasting impact on the sports broadcast industry globally.

Sports organisations and broadcasters looking to produce professional and sponsor infused live sports content, across all levels, are in for a treat!

Our early access release includes:

  • Full access to all launch features, including the beginnings of our themes database, integrated live score apps, history tracking, ad metrics and analytics as well as an intuitive, modern control room for those more advanced users.
  • We are yet to announce the full benefits to our limited early register users who signup before July, but they will be powerful :D
  • Close access to our customer success team to ensure the experience for new users is world class, streamlined and involves personal onboarding as a priority with as little friction as possible

LIGR and Grabyo partnership announcement

SYDNEY - May 27, 2020 – LIGR - Live Graphic Systems, a leader in cloud broadcast graphics for sports leagues and broadcasters of all levels, and Grabyo, the leading cloud platform for live video production and editing, today announced a new partnership to deliver the next generation of cloud sports broadcasting for sports leagues and broadcasters looking to streamline in-game production costs while maintaining professional standards and commercial integration opportunities.

STC-EU Ad Luke McCoy (1)

LIGR CEO to talk Future of Sports Broadcasting

Luke McCoy, CEO and Co-Founder of LIGR to speak in the upcoming STWS Virtual Series, June 25th, on the future of sports broadcasting with Brian Meinrath, Head of Commercial, FNSW


Jamie O'Brien joins LIGR's team of content contributors

Jamie joins the LIGR content team as Editor - Advertising specialist, with experience in social media and stream monetisation, Jamie brings a wealth of experience to the LIGR team.


LIGR Launches Live Graphics, Statistics and Sponsors Series

You probably take it for granted, but the enjoyment of a live sports broadcast is dependent on three key components: live video of the on-field play, commentary, and in-game statistics.


Vertical Integration and Commercialisation of Live Graphics

What if broadcasters of all types and of any size had an opportunity to sign a brand that took it all. The entire sport. Multiple levels on multiple platforms, all leagues on all devices.


Setting the Stage - Graphics and Live Sports

A big part of creating professional and engaging sports broadcasts is live graphics. They tell a story and show relevant info, from game scores to player and team stats.


Voice and Brand Series - About LIGR and What We Offer

LIGR provides out-of-the-box, TV-quality graphics templates that let you produce a professional live stream in a few simple steps, getting you up and running in minutes


Live Graphics Series - The Scorebug

The scoreboard on a live sports match – otherwise known as the scorebug – is obviously the most important graphic in the live broadcasts of sports.


NRL streaming-rights battle brewing after drop in TV ratings

Viewership has declined across all age groups, but it is the drop in the young demographic that will be of most concern at Rugby League Central.



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