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LIGR and Grabyo partnership announcement

LIGR - Live Graphic Systems and Grabyo partner to deliver the next generation of remote and cloud sports broadcasts to sports leagues and broadcasters of all levels

SYDNEY - May 27, 2020 – LIGR - Live Graphic Systems, a leader in cloud broadcast graphics for sports leagues and broadcasters of all levels, and Grabyo, the leading cloud platform for live video production and editing, today announced a new partnership to deliver the next generation of cloud sports broadcasting for sports leagues and broadcasters looking to streamline in-game production costs while maintaining professional standards and commercial integration opportunities. 

The official partnership highlights an important step for the democratisation of professional, data infused and commercially funded sports broadcasts accessible to all levels of sporting organisations and broadcasters, regardless of prior skill or knowledge. A LIGR and Grabyo partnership is a win for rights holders, publishers,  leagues and conferences that want an affordable and flexible broadcast set up, allowing loyal fans to consume high quality live content.

LIGR, who currently support customers like Gravity Media, Belgium Basketball, Football New South Wales, and Queensland Rugby League, has recently announced a $1M investment round, led by Alston Elliot Graphics, the globally recognised leading provider of television sports graphics and data solutions to broadcasters and governing bodies, including the Cricket and Rugby World Cups.

The partnership brings together Grabyo’s leading cloud platform for real-time clipping, live video production and editing into LIGR’s best-in-breed live sports graphics platform including access to LIGR’s out-of-the-box professional graphics templates and database, sponsorship modules for easy upload, display and reporting of in-game commercial inventory. 

The partnership will also include integration into LIGR’s AUTO graphics mode, where a LIGR - Grabyo partnership can be used to completely automate an entire game’s broadcast graphics from the cloud, removing the requirement for a traditional broadcast graphics operator. Combining this with Grabyo’s remote commentary and cloud vision mixing capability, broadcasters and sporting organisations will have a powerful, turn-key solution to produce professional broadcasts, without the traditional cost of production. 

Luke McCoy, LIGR’s Co-founder and CEO said,

“With Grabyo’s powerful cloud production capability, sports broadcasters and organisations will be able to utilise LIGR’s platform to produce a data enriched broadcast experience with world-class graphics in a streamlined, cost efficient production workflow. This next generation remote and cloud workflow is completely self-serve, out-of-the-box, and can be up and running in minutes, even for the most unskilled user. This is extremely exciting for sports leagues and broadcasters who have struggled to produce professional broadcasts with real-time match data and commercial integrations under limited budgets”


Together, Grabyo and LIGR will leverage new and existing relationships to offer a streamlined, cost efficient and sustainable sports broadcast solution for sports organizations and broadcasters of all sizes in a post covid-19 world.

Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO added,

“Today, sports audiences expect more from sports broadcasts. They expect an immersive viewing experience enriched by context and data. Our partnership with LIGR will allow sports organizations to deliver high-quality live content to digital audiences without the need for costly set up and inflexible hardware, which will ultimately help niche sports to grow their reach globally and engage existing fans with new live content.”  


To see how the integration works, check out the below workflow


- Watch the magic happen. Professional in-game graphics, all in the cloud, effortless to use with seamless sponsor integrations.

- After the game, Review in-depth ad reporting right in the LIGR dashboard - showing when and for how long each ad was displayed.

- All with minimum effort, no skilled use or prior design, all off-site and remote.

The future of sports broadcast for all levels is here. 

About Grabyo

Grabyo is the leading cloud video production, editing and distribution platform. Grabyo’s lightweight platform is the future of broadcast - equipping partners with the tools to manage agile video distribution strategies across all major digital, OTT and social platforms.

Trusted by major publishers and rights holders such as Tennis Australia, Network 10,  Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), Nine Entertainment, MediaCorp, Sky Sports, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Univision, LaLiga and The English Premier League; Grabyo’s SaaS platform is designed to help digital teams maximize their resources, with no additional software and limited training needed to utilize its browser-based tools.

Grabyo has strategic partnerships across OTT, social media and broadcast including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snap. Grabyo partners created over 650,000 clips and 16,500 live broadcasts, generating more than 12 billion video views in 2019. 

About LIGR

LIGR is a new generation of live graphics and broadcast platform that offers TV-quality sports graphics with no need for hardware, designers, skilled graphics operators, or developers. And because our solution is out-of-the box, we get you up and running in minutes. 


Since 2016, we’ve been offering live graphics solutions to sporting organisations and the production companies that serve them. We’ve helped these companies dramatically improve the quality of their live streams and monetise through powerful in-stream advertising. For one live game or thousands. Simultaneously and across entire seasons. Accessible to broadcasts and live streams of all budgets. 


Since inception, we’ve produced graphics for over 10,000 sports games—automatically—across the globe with over 1,000 sponsor adsets uploaded into our platform. We’ve saved over 100,000 hours of graphics operation, design and development. That’s the equivalent of more than $20 million saved and over $1 million in sponsorship money activated. 

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