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How to Create and Amazing Highlights with Moments in LIGR

Moments: A Powerful Feature to Capture the Highlights of Your Matches

As a sports broadcaster, you know how important it is to create engaging and memorable highlight clips of your matches, to showcase the best moments and attract more viewers. But sometimes, the official match events are not enough to capture the full excitement and drama of a match. You may want to include other moments that are not recorded by the match data, such as a team celebration, a stunning save, or a controversial decision.

That’s why we created Moments, a feature that allows you to capture any significant event in a match, even if it’s not an official match event. With Moments, you have more flexibility and control over what events you want to include in your highlights.

How to Configure Moments?

You can configure your Moments settings from the Highlight Settings tab. Here, you can set up the lead and lag time for your moments, which are the seconds before and after the event that you want to include in your clip. You can also enable or disable the auto-publishing feature, which allows you to automatically upload your moments to your social media platforms or website.

You can also add post and pre-roll to your moments, which are the seconds of video that you want to play before and after your clip. This can help you to add some context or branding to your moments and make them more appealing.

How to Use Moments?

You can use Moments during a live broadcast from the LIGR LiveScore App, you simply need to tap on the Moments button, which is located in the top right corner of the app.

This will open a menu where you can optionally assign a player and a tag to the moment, to make it more relevant and searchable.

You can create Moments based on the match events or your own custom events. For example, you can create a Moment for a corner, a free kick, a yellow card, or any other event that you want to highlight. Your Moments are automatically saved to your Highlights tab, where you can review them or share them with your audience.

Conclusion: Why Use Moments?

With Moments, you can create amazing highlight clips that showcase the best of your matches and share them with your audience. Moments are a great way to increase the exposure and engagement of your matches, and to create a lasting impression on your viewers.

To learn more about how to use Moments in LIGR, check out our knowledge base article here.


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