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Why LIGR’s platform over other graphics and broadcast management software?

Our platform has been developed to serve the emerging live sports industry by people who know sports.

We understand that for most sporting organisations, there are limited resources to produce high quality content, including the skills and knowledge necessary to put together all that goes into high level and engaging graphic design and delivery for live broadcasts.

As sports live streamers ourselves, we knew that we needed a platform that required no need for a designer, developer, skilled graphics operator or any form of expensive hardware or custom desktop software. It must be completely turn key, templated and easy to interact with from anywhere in the world and integrate with every other broadcast software that is in the market. To produce not just high quality content, but lots of it, it needed to be able to scale across clubs and leagues not just locally, but national and internationally without the traditional cost burden associated with traditional manual solutions.

This is why LIGR stands out above the rest for ensuring high quality, professional and engaging graphics and animations for live sports.

How does LIGR integrate with other live streaming software on the market?

For every game, LIGR produces a LIGR Live URL, which is then copy pasted into all market leading vision mixers as a browser or web input source.

You can also use LIGR as an NDI source, by converting a web source / browser input into NDI with third party software such as Sienna Graphic Artist, NDI OBS Plugin, Recast for NDI and others.

Can we use LIGR with cloud based vision mixers?

Yes LIGR’s Live URL integrates directly with cloud based vision and distribution platforms such as Grabyo, Cloudmix and Easylive, in the same way that we integrate with vision mixers such as Wirecast, vMix and OBS.

How does LIGR create graphics in real time, automatically?

LIGR uses real-time data sources from global data suppliers as well as LIGR Livescore apps to automatically trigger graphics, animations and overlays in real time without the need for a traditional graphics operator. We use smart logic and algorithms to determine the best time to trigger animations and connect brand campaigns to these animations through our smart campaign manager. All automatically with assets pre-loaded and defined pre-season and pre-game.

How easy is it to produce match data for LIGR’s platform?

It's as simple as selecting a game in the LIGR scheduler if using an external data supplier.

If using LIGR Livescore Apps, it's as simple as creating the game in your LIGR dashboard, scheduling the start time, selecting the game in your Livescore App and inputting the data fields required such as "start first half", "goal", "corner" etc.

Can LIGR connect to external live data API’s to power the in-game graphics of the platform?

Yes, we connect with global leading data suppliers such as Sportradar, Genius Sports and Perform Group's Opta.

How do you get started using the LIGR platform?

1. Sign up, login, select the sport you are involved with.

2. Select your design theme. Select your animation template within that particular theme.

3. Upload and define your club, league or competition assets.

4. Upload any sponsor assets and allocate their display percentage or link the assets to particular in-game events. E.g. Goals.

5. Create competitions, assign teams to each competition, create the games in your LIGR scheduler.

6. Generate your LIGR Live URL, paste it into your vision mix software.

7. Select the game you want to generate data for if using the LIGR Livescore App and begin taking data to trigger your automated graphics OR

8. Sit back and watch your external data source trigger your workflow

Can you design your own broadcast theme within LIGR?

LIGR is here so you don't have to spend time on design and animation. We do that for you, allowing you to choose a design theme and animation template from our library of professional templates.

We enable you to pick and choose between fonts, colours, upload your assets which are mapped to your teams and leagues. This way your in-season workflow is completely automated, saving you time, money and resources throughout the season for broadcasts.

How do I manage all of my broadcasts assets across an entire league?

LIGR wil completely change your broadcast workflow.

LIGR provides a complete Asset Management System (AMS). You can upload your assets which are mapped to your teams which are then assigned to competitions which you can create. Each league as its own assets such as logos, watermarks, naming conventions and colours, just like each team. You set all of this up pre-season or pre-game. When you create games in your LIGR scheduler, your assets will map to each competition and each home and away team automatically.

This way your in-season workflow is completely automated, saving you time, money and resources throughout the season for broadcasts.

The AMS also handles and assigns your sponsor and brand campaigns, which can be linked to teams and competitions as well as specific events within games e.g. Goals. This allows you to not only monetise your live broadcasts in a simple way, but also manage these campaigns and creatives extremely easily.

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