Automatic. Professional. Scalable.

Automated Professional Graphics

Produce professional graphics like ESPN and Fox Sports without any prior knowledge, design skill or expensive hardware and custom software. Do this AUTOMATICALLY without a graphics operator through LIGR’s smart graphics platform, all in the cloud!

Save time on designing and developing broadcast graphics! Pick from our range of professional animation packages and learn how to live stream.
Automate your graphics, removing the need for a graphics operator with the LIGR ”AUTO” mode
OR Use LIGR in manual mode and show/hide your graphics at the right time. Even do a hybrid combo of AUTO and Manual depending on your live stream needs.

Centralised Asset Management

Upload and manage all your broadcast assets in one central location. No more google drive, dropbox and folder nightmares! Repeatable, scalable workflows without chasing emails!

Clean up that messy workflow! Upload, centralise and manage all of your broadcast assets like team and league logos, player images, primary and secondary colours and team names.
Link your broadcast assets to each team. Then create a game and the assets will load AUTOMATICALLY! Saving you valuable time when you need it the most.

Market Leading Integrations

LIGR Integrates with all the market leading vision mixers through our unique LIGR URL! Just drop a browser source into your vision mixer and you're done.

Generate a new LIGR Live Overlay URL for each game and copy paste it into your current vision mixer.
Use LIGR as NDI ALPHA with the OBS NDI Plugin or the SIENNA Graphic Artist Tool
Integrates with CLOUD Vision Mixers as well as Desktop and Hardware Vision mixers.

Unlimited Simultaneous Games

Produce unlimited simultaneous games at once! All on Auto Mode! Scale-out your production teams without having to buy more hardware or train more staff! Welcome to the future

Generate multiple LIGR Live Overlays to spread across multiple locations for your production teams across different vision mixers.
Keep the quality standardised and automated across multiple production workflows, to ensure your productions don’t skip a beat.
Use the LIGR Live Score app to select and create each individual game, sending data to the right game, while keeping your workflow simple, fast and easy to use!

Easily Power In-Game Stats

Use the LIGR Live Score app to automate and power all of your in-game stats and graphics! Automatic statistical integration gives your fans what they want OR use the leagues official data supplier connected directly into LIGR.

Use the LIGR Live Score app to create, schedule and select games.
Create match data for games in a simple, easy to use interface that requires no skill beyond understanding the sporting game you are streaming
Hit events like “players walking out”, “Start first Half”, “Goal”, “Half-Time” and watch your graphics automatically trigger based on the real time events.
Automatically aggregate team and match stat comparisons into your graphic workflows
Edit and delete events on the fly, just in case you missed that event or you hit the wrong button! Happens to the best of us.

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