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When it comes to watching sports, there is two parts to the game. There’s the actual play on the field, pitch, or court. And there’s the stats and graphics that enrich the game. Fans watching TV broadcasts have come to expect ESPN- or NBA-quality graphics to enliven their experience. We provide these graphics to sports organisations and broadcasters - big and small.

who we are

LIGR is a new breed of automated graphics and broadcast management software that offers TV-quality sports graphics but with no need for hardware, designers, skilled graphics operators, or developers. And because our solution is out-of-the box, we get you up and running in minutes. 

Since 2016, we’ve been offering live graphics solutions to sporting organisations and the production companies that serve them.

We’ve helped these companies dramatically improve the quality of their live streams and monetise through powerful in-stream advertising.

Since inception, we’ve produced graphics for over 10,000 sports games—automatically—all across the globe. We’ve saved over 100,000 hours of graphics operation, design and development. That’s the equivalent of more than $20 million saved and over $1 million in sponsorship money activated.

Streaming with professional graphics is now easy with LIGR



Hi, I'm Luke and this is Adam.

Before I founded LIGR with Adam, I was in live sports production.

8 years ago I founded a live production business broadcasting sports games all over Australia. It was while producing these games I realised there was no viable solution for smaller teams, clubs, and schools to produce sophisticated and professional live graphics.

Hardware was and still is expensive; software, difficult to master. Skilled staff required to operate the consoles, and designers were needed to create the graphics. Matching the TV-level of production traditionally costs thousands of dollars to get right. That’s per game.

I was passionate about solving this problem. I wanted to give access to TV-quality graphics to sports broadcasts of all levels, all over the world, without all the pitfalls that came with the solutions of the traditional broadcast industry.

That's when I reached out to my childhood friend of over 15 years, Adam Burke, who at the time had just started his masters in computer science after previously working in day trading, acting as a professional poker player and operating as a bookmaker at TAB, the largest sports betting company in Australia.

Together we started Live Graphic Systems - or LIGR (pronounced like a Lion and a Tiger- Liger, which you can read about right here!).

Before you know it, Adam had postponed his masters degree and we pushed full steam ahead, bootstrapping LIGR for 2 years profitably before deciding the world needed to see our solution fast. To do that we needed capital and experienced investors to build a game changing solution for the industry of live sports broadcast.... and so that's what we did!

what they're saying about us

"We have tracked LIGR from its early days and have been extremely impressed by the progress made in developing technologies to help lower tier sports federations add high quality data rich graphics and advertising to their live content. We at AE feel we are the ideal investor..."

"The AFL have now proven there is a great appetite and interest for the U18 nationally and are now able to provide professional and engaging live broadcasts that would have been extremely difficult and cost prohibitive with traditional solutions.

Daniel Weston
Founder of the European Cricket League

“LIGR and the European Cricket Network have teamed up to help cricket grow rapidly across the continent with the help of automated live graphic technologies."

Brian Meinrath
Head of Commercial, Football NSW

"Since implementing the broadcast technology we have significantly increased our viewership and attracted new partners...."

Rob Knee
InteractSport, Chief Operations Officer

“Live Graphic Systems offer a world-class product and service, and in a very short period of time we have successfully executed a number of high-quality broadcasts"



AE Live is a world-leading provider of broadcast solutions to global sports governing bodies, broadcasters and production companies. They specialise in capturing, processing and visualising live sports data using on-screen graphics.

Nick Baily
CEO, AE.Live

"We have tracked LIGR from its early days and have been extremely impressed by the progress made in developing technologies to help lower-tier sports federations add high-quality data-rich graphics and advertising to their live content. We at AE feel we are the ideal investor..."

Investible is an early-stage investment group that provides high potential founders with the financial, human and intellectual capital needed to scale. Our mission is to de-risk angel investment on a global scale.

Daniel Veytsblit
Investment Director, Investible

"LIGR has built an impressive tech platform that is simple for customers to use and inherently scalable. Combined with the vision, experience and determination of Luke, Adam and their team, we are excited to support their journey"

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