For Sporting Organizations

LIGR is packed with features specifically for sporting organisations.

Learn how to :
- Improve broadcast quality
- Attract, integrate and display sponsors assets
- Report to sponsors through your sponsor dashboard
- Generate revenue to fund more content

Market Leading Integrations

Integrate external and official data suppliers to power your live stream graphics. Match stats are half the story for your true fans. Keep your fans engaged and use data to automate your entire graphics workflow! If you don’t have data use our LIGR Live Score Data App!

We integrate with world-leading data suppliers such as Genius Sports, Opta, Runningball, Sportradar, Champion Data and Interact sport.
Contact us if you would like to inquire about a new data integration with your current data supplier
If you don’t have any official match data, use our LIGR LiveScore App to generate your own match data and use it to automate your live stream graphic workflow! Just like an official data supplier.

How it works

We have 10 games on each weekend. Some played at the same time. Can 1 operator handle this many games?

What types of graphics do you offer?

So I can show sponsors easily? does LIGR find sponsors for my broadcasts?

Is it easy to get started? I have a lot of assets to upload.

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