Professionalise. Monetise. Centralise.

Own Your Look And Feel

Standardise and own the look and feel of your entire league or multi league broadcasts. Choose from our professional, animated and seamless broadcast themes or ask for a custom design from our team.

Automate your live streams professionally
Scale LIGR across all of your productions instantly
Don’t allow your teams to produce different looking streams. Use LIGR to standardise your look and feel and attract sponsors who can roll out across all of your live content!
We integrate with all market leading production workflows

Monetise Your Live Streams

Monetise your live streams by attracting brands and sponsors. Generate revenue with automated brand integration, creating you a new digital asset that you didn’t have before!

Manage and assign broadcast brand campaigns across individual teams and your entire league. Even across multiple competitions!
Assign brand campaigns to specific in-game events with automatic triggers e.g. Goals, Team Lists and Half Time Sequences
Sell advertising space by percentage of airtime.
Provide air time reports back to your brands and sponsors.
Demo your brand campaigns to your sponsors!
Track your audiences through the LIGR Live Dashboard

Automated Professional Graphics

Automate and control your entire live stream graphic workflow, assigning access to your production team, league admins and even team admins!

Use LIGR to manage your graphic and asset workflow. Assign user roles to allow teams and administrators of leagues to collect, upload and edit assets in one central location
LIGR will ensure that each graphic asset is assigned to the correct team on game day, meaning you only need to prepare once in pre-season and LIGR will handle the rest
Now your production teams don’t have to do graphics. Assign them a role and allow them to integrate LIGR into their production workflow, automatically. This saves you time and money and makes their life EASY!

Market Leading Integrations

Integrate external and official data suppliers to power your live stream graphics. Match stats are half the story for your true fans. Keep your fans engaged and use data to automate your entire graphics workflow! If you don’t have data use our LIGR Live Score Data App!

We integrate with world-leading data suppliers such as Genius Sports, Opta, Runningball, Sportradar, Champion Data and Interact sport.
Contact us if you would like to inquire about a new data integration with your current data supplier
If you don’t have any official match data, use our LIGR LiveScore App to generate your own match data and use it to automate your live stream graphic workflow! Just like an official data supplier.

Centralise Your Broadcast Assets

Clean up that messy asset workflow. Upload, centralise and manage all of your broadcast assets in one easy to use platform.

Upload and edit team and league logos, player images, team colours, long and short names and never have to touch them again.
Ensure your assets are ready for broadcast and keep them that way. broadcast quality is key.
Track changes and get changes approved to ensure your assets are not interfered with BEFORE going live.

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