Junior Broadcast Designer


LIGR is building the next generation of live sports graphics. We’re looking for a Junior Broadcast Designer to design some themes, and help us out with other design tasks. What does all that mean? Glad you asked!

A bit more about who we are

Traditionally, to create beautiful live stream graphics requires a high degree of skills with expensive hardware and software, and it was only reserved for the world of big-budget TV broadcasts. Until now.

We created a simple plug-and-play solution, allowing users to simply upload their assets (team logos, player photos, etc.) and select a theme, and we automatically generate live graphics for them on the fly.

What you’ll do

You will work within our design team (which currently consists of the awesome guy writing this post) and collaborate with the theme developers developer to bring these themes to life. Part of bringing these themes to life requires in-depth sports knowledge, the more the merrier, so a love of sports is a must. We’re a small startup team with a lot of design needs, so you’ll also be helping out on other design tasks as well (website, social graphics, ebooks, etc.) We use mainly Figma for design, though Sketch knowledge translates well enough for that.

Bonus points

Live stream/broadcasting experience (dabbling counts!)

Capable of creating motion graphics


Competitive salary

Work remotely - we don’t have a central office, though everyone except that Riki guy is in Sydney.

We’re a small team, and you can make an immediate impact

Work with global sporting bodies, sports leagues, sportscasters/broadcasters

OMG you get to work with me (settle down)